Done are the days when one receives hundreds of CD’s or emails full of music for “consideration” Instead, J.A.M.M. allows one to access the music catalog at any time online and download tracks instantly. Working on a deadline becomes less stressful as tracks are organized by: genre, style, mood, and artist, making it easier for one to find the perfect composition to aid their visual media. Visit the library and see for yourself how J.A.M.M. can make your life easier.

Just A Minute Music (J.A.M.M.) was created as a New Music Database for professionals by Dwayne and Jane Cornelius, along with the DCat Music Company. Mr Cornelius is a music publisher, platinum-certified recording engineer and producer, musician and entrepreneur, active in multiple genres, ranging from country to R&B to rock. Over the last decade, Cornelius has focused on managing producers, including platinum-selling producers such as DJ BattleCat and Meech Wells and developing Just A Minute Music, including licensing music for use by MTV, FOX, the NFL, NBA and other networks.

The company was placed under the umbrella of SMI forming SMI JAMM under the leadership of Kenin M. Spivak, founder, chairman and CEO of SMI and co-founder, chairman and CEO of SMI Music Group. Mr Spivak is a highly regarded studio executive, entrepreneur, financier, author and attorney known for his innovative leadership, deal-making, marketing expertise and hands on management.

Dwayne Cornelius (President/Publisher), Kenin M. Spivak (Chairman/CEO of SMI)
Jane Cornelius (Vice President/Creative), Richie Pizano (Vice President/General Manager)